Waterfall Manor is relocating to the Clarence Valley in Northern NSW, to a place called The Whiteman about 25km out of Grafton.

There are exciting times ahead as Pat finds new markets and ventures to explore. Classes and retreats are on the cards for the 47Ha (118acre property) as well as living a relaxed lifestyle after a lifetime of city dwelling and 30 years of working shiftwork, the Dwyers have earned a break.

There will have to be a name change to reflect the new location and it will be something like "Whiteman Quilts" but the service and high standards that clients have come to expect from Pat will never change.

There is a daily mail service so access to Pat will be easy and she will investigate a PO Box at the local Post Office as well.

Anyway stay tuned and you will be across any changes as they happen.

This is the news page and it is all good news.....